Who we are

DPS FLOOR SRL WAS ESTABLISHED IN 2015 IN ANCONA by a group of entrepreneurs from the world of mould design and construction for plastic material, with in-depth knowledge of moulding processes using plastic combined with other materials, using innovative wood and plastic co-moulding techniques.
lamapdina KING

DPS Floor is characterised by a completely autonomous production process, composed of the latest generation presses.

The research and development department takes a dynamic approach, constantly aiming towards analysing demand and architectural trends. It closely collaborates with the technical studio composed of 4 planning experts, highly skilled to propose new and functional solutions, then engineered and transformed into moulds using an internal design process.

The creative Marketing office then has the task of proposing the originality of these new products, ready to meet all our precious clients’ requests thanks to the efficient sales office.
DPS FLOOR OFFERS EXCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS FOR OUTDOOR FLOORING, WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF INNOVATION FOR THE “FLOOR” SECTOR, ranging from the co-moulded wood/plastic flooring line to the King® outdoor supports line for raised floors with an exclusive patent, up to the revolutionary, luminescent synthetic lawn combined with thermo-insulating elements.
DPS Floor is a young company, therefore it can easily adapt to the current market, defined by analysts as being “fluid” (because it has no markers) and has a strong desire to grow, create and learn, while always maintaining the clear objective of proposing solutions that improve quality of life and the environment.


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