Supporto per pavimenti sopraelevati KING - King K5Supporto per pavimenti sopraelevati KING - King K5 Disegno

KING K5 | H 152 - 209mm

KING K5 is the highest pedestal of the King Range, which allows the flooring to be raised from 152 to 209 mm. This format is ideal in many situations, such as when you want to transform the classic swimming pools with above ground-level edges into stylish infinity pools. Assuming, for example, a pool edge that rises 20 cm compared to the laying surface, it is possible to use KING K5, with a millimetric regulation to a height of 180 mm in conjunction with the classic 20 mm thick tiles, to flush perfectly with the height of the existing border. Moreover, the raised flooring implemented with KING is always inspectable at any time and easily accommodates pipes, plants and water drainage elements.

The high quality rubber with which the head is coated, allows the tiles to rest on the support without dangerous slipping, while the 4 break-resistant rubber tabs, allow to lift and move the tiles if necessary without the risk of being broken due to accidental impacts, deterioration due to prolonged exposure to UV rays and weather. Like all the pedestals of the range, KING K5, thanks to the diameter of the tilting base of 205 mm and the reinforced structure, offers a solid support to the flooring in every situation and with every inclination. On the base of the KING pedestal, there are 12 containment chambers designed to increase the range of the support, thanks to the transfer of the perimeter load of the converter to the external ribs.

Even the diameter of the head of the KING pedestals that reaches 130 mm - the widest compared to the standard bi-material head supports available on the market - contributes to the perfect stability of the flooring laid, which can be made in any material which may be provided by the project: KING leaves designers the maximum creative and aesthetic freedom, without placing technical limitations on the choice of coverings.


Peso scatola
Box weight
Pezzi Scatola
Pieces box
Misura Scatola
Box size
Scatole Max per Bancale
Box Max for pallet
Peso Bancale
Pallet weight
Pallet size
K5 K5152209 K5 152 - 209 11,80 20 39X55 H47 20 247 80x120 H250
K17007SA - 130 - - - - - -