K4Supporto per pavimenti sopraelevati KING - King K4 Disegno


When the height of the raised flooring begins to rise, KING K4 is the right product for your projects. With a height ranging from 95 to 152 mm, KING K4 is the pedestal for raised outdoor floors which are not for vehicle use, designed to support the weight of any type of flooring, from wood to ceramic, marble to natural stone, cement to composite materials, provided they are adequately declared self-supporting by the floor manufacturer and suitable for use at a height on overhanging structures. The pedestal is strong enough to support the weight of the flooring, the people and any furniture placed on the flooring.

As far as the sub-base is concerned, the pedestals of the KING range are suitable for laying on concrete, gravel, soil and vegetation that are properly pressed by means of rolling/beating, waterproof sheaths which preserve the integrity in all the details of the installation, pre-existing flooring, sub-bases exposed to water stagnation, irregular surfaces and thermal insulation declared "treadable" by the floor manufacturer.

KING K4, due to the height, which can be reached even without the help of extensions, is ideal for the realization of steps on the raised floor, in a quick and simple way.
In fact, all the king pedestals can be mounted on a first level of raised flooring made with other king supports, to obtain valuable multilevel flooring, while maintaining maximum aesthetic coherence, in full functionality. The KING range, thanks to simple measures allows to realize any detail, such as edges, steps, corner steps, wall fittings, always with perfect results


95 - 152mmø 130,00 mmø 200,50 mm2080 * 120