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KING K3 | H 63 - 95mm

KING K3 is the mid-size pedestal of the KING range for raised outdoor flooring. KING K3 allows raising the flooring from a minimum of 63 mm to a maximum of 95 mm. The screw movement allows the head mount element to raise the pedestal head, and therefore the tiles, to the desired height with a millimetric adjustment. In addition, thanks to the practical adjustment tool, the KING K3 pedestals can also be adjusted when the flooring is completely laid, without effort and in complete safety.

KING K3 like all King pedestals is a product made up of very few components, which, thanks to the technical solutions developed by the DPS Floor developers, allows maximum versatility of use, using a single element. Switchable from fixed to self-levelling thanks to the Converter system, KING allows to create elaborate flooring solutions such as the realization of a perfectly flat raised flooring on terraces or sub-bases that have variable slopes such as the typical hump-back conformation, generally designed to facilitate the disposal of rainwater in very large areas. The self-levelling system allowed by the tilting motion of the KING base allows compensating slopes of the laying surface up to 5%. This makes it possible to supply an extremely limited number of models in order to meet the most diverse installation requirements.

KING, in fact, exceeds the eternal dichotomy between fixed and self-levelling supports, proposing a unique solution to the market that halves the stocks of the warehouses and the scattering of the orders of the trade professionals.

The bi-material head of the KING pedestal made of noise-resistant rubber offers a high heat resistance and consequently a durability of the materials, which is unique on the market. KING offers certainties to its own customers and yours, with an exclusive 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on the pedestal.


Peso scatola
Box weight
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Pieces box
Misura Scatola
Box size
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Box Max for pallet
Peso Bancale
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K3 K3063095 K3 63 - 95 9,7 20 39X55 H30 32 283 80x120 H255
K17007SA - 130 - - - - - -