Supporto per pavimenti sopraelevati KING - King K2Supporto per pavimenti sopraelevati KING - King K2 Disegno


KING K2 is the pedestal of the King Line designed to create elevated outdoor floors of a limited height. KING K2 is characterized by a height that can vary, thanks to the adjustable screw, from a minimum of 41 mm to a maximum of 63 mm, with a precise and millimetric range. The practical adjustment Tool allows to perfectly adjust the pedestal even when the flooring is completely laid, without effort and avoiding movements of the wrist that can compromise the safety of the operators.

The lower part of the base of the KING pedestals is equipped with wide grooves that in case the support should be positioned close to the edges, make it extremely easy to cut, and ensure a rounded surface at the edges of the pedestal, which avoids the common problems of cracking the waterproof membrane.

KING K2, like all the pedestals of the KING range, thanks to the Converter system allows you to choose the mode of use between fixed and self-levelling, switching from one to another with a simple gesture.

For example, in large terraces, where not such a significant thickness of the raised flooring is required, KING K2 can be used together with the KING K1 pedestals to create the desired slope of the finished surface, according to the length of the area to be covered and the calculation to ensure effective disposal of rainwater, giving perfect continuity


41 - 63 mmø 130,00 mmø 200,50 mm2080 * 120