Supporto per pavimenti sopraelevati KING - Prolunga P1Prolunga_disegno

King Extension

The KING extension , made of polypropylene like the pedestal to which it is matched, is an element of 113 mm that allows to raise King pedestals with a height range from 64 to 100 mm. The extensions are designed to be inserted into the screw of the pedestal and can be used individually or in combination, to reach the desired heights, satisfying any requirement.

A frequent application that requires the use of extensions in conjunction with the KING pedestal is found in the realization of elevated paving to create surfaces for pools above ground. The adoption of the dry technology of KING, which does not require the use of water in the site, allows a simple and rapid workmanship in all seasons of the year. The important elevation that KING with its extensions allows to reach avoids the use of expensive substructures or the need to realize rafts and screeds.

The KING extension offers the possibility of a wide extension range and allows an adequate regulation of the support even in the presence of important heights.

The KING extensions are equipped with an anti-fall safety lock and a pair of eyelets, designed to allow the hooking of the supports between them: in this way you get a fixed support frame, that offers stability to the system in every situation.